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Purifying Birch Water & Lavender Fresh Outlast Beauty Bar


Transform your shower into a sensorial oasis that lasts with Olay Fresh Outlast Purifying Birch Water & Lavender Beauty Bar. This purifying bar soap with a craveable birch water and lavender scent leaves skin feeling refreshed long after you leave the shower. Regular soap can leave your skin dry, but Olay Fresh Outlast beauty bar leaves skin more hydrated overtime. Formulated with creamy Olay lather, this bar soap cleanses to help purify skin leaving it feeling light and wonderfully smooth all over. It has 10x more moisturizers than regular soap for better hydrated skin. Experience our cleanest rinsing moisture bar that leaves you with a beautifully fresh clean that outlasts your day.

  • Bar soap infused with a craveable blend of purifying birch water & lavender scent
  • Leaves skin more hydrated with continued use
  • 10x more moisturizers than regular soap for more moisturized skin
  • Rinses clean to leave skin feeling light & wonderfully smooth
  • Specially formulated with rich & creamy Olay lather