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In collaboration with Olay Actua Walmart


Meet the women leading the change in STEM. For its second year, Olay is raising the voices of prominent women in STEM to build representation for young women and girls to look up to and envision a future in STEM.

Research shows that girls are not aware of the variety of options available within the STEM field. In a study by the National Academy of Engineering, when girls were asked if they wanted to be engineers, they were twice as likely as boys to say no. But when asked if they wanted to design a safe water system or use DNA to solve crimes – girls answered yes.

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Olay is proud to donate $50,000 CAD once again to the Actua National Girls Program which engages over 15,000 girls nationwide in programming to help build critical skills and confidence in STEM.

Between June 1, 2023, to August 1, 2023, for every Olay face product sold at Walmart, Olay will donate an additional $15 to the Actua National Girls Program, up to $25,000.

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"Knowing that there weren’t a lot of women in STEM professions – I was motivated by that challenge to become one of those women so I can help other women."

Dr. Rolanda Wilkerson, Ph.D., Olay Science Communications Fellow

"The most fulfilling part of my job is knowing I am making an impact to future generations of society. For over 3 decades, women in engineering has grown by only 3%, there needs to be a change in how STEM careers are unveiled to young women, invoking motivation and inspiration."

Amal Jina, P.Eng, CEM, M.Eng Building Energy Manager, Walmart Canada

"We need to shift the narrative away from how can girls change to fit STEM to how can we change STEM so it’s more inclusive of girls and other underrepresented groups."

Jennifer Flanagan

CEO, Actua

"Many girls and young women are already inspired by and passionate about STEM and want to go into these fields. We have to put in the work to acknowledge, recognize, and eliminate barriers that prevent them from entering or drive them out of STEM."

Natalie Panek, M.Sc, D.Sc

Aerospace Engineer

"I feel very proud to see women interested in STEM careers, and that they have realized that they can do just as much as men in these fields."

Dr. Pamela De Lendeu

Research Scientist, Biology MSc, Ph.D., Neurosciences and Pharmacology

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Rooted in nearly 70 years of skincare science, Olay understands the importance of the STEM industry and has made a 10-year commitment to help #FacetheSTEMgap amongst young women since 2018.

Olay is proud to partner with Actua to empower young girls to explore a future in STEM. Together, Olay, Walmart and Actua are highlighting the variety of careers that are available and occupied by inspiring female leaders – as well as the impact these jobs have on people, communities, and the future.