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Olay Cleansing Melts + Vitamin C Face Cleanser, 32ct


Ready for a new, way to clean your face? Check out NEW Olay Cleansing Melts + Vitamin C. A water-activated cleansing pad that dissolves into a rich, creamy microbubble lather that cleans, tones, and refreshes for a 3X better clean.

One perfectly dosed pad delivers a luxuriously silky lather for a deep yet gentle clean to effectively remove dirt, oil, SPF and makeup, leaving you with a truly clean feeling.

OLAY Cleansing Melts deliver 3-in-1 benefits to cleanse, tone, and refresh because who doesn’t love a multitasking skin care product?

Use with Olay’s Vitamin C Regimen for bright skin.

IT WORKS: A deep clean for your entire face in just one melt
IT’S FUN: Watch and feel the melt transform in seconds.
IT’S SAFE: Dermatologist tested. Perfect for all skin types: Normal, Oily, Dry. Safe for Sensitive Skin and gentle on the eyes.
IT’S Cleansing Reinvented: An innovative, elevated experience that rivals a spa-like clean.

No Sulfates, No Parabens, No Mineral Oil

Olay's Patented Facial Cleansing Technology* includes 8 ingredients, which is 6x less than some traditional cleansers. With fewer, more intentional ingredients.
*US Invention Patent No. US11311469B2

100% Recyclable Box and Tray*
* 32 Count

Easy to use:
1) Soak: Gently add water, let dissolve (3 seconds)
2) Activate: The rich, creamy lather
3) Wash: Massage onto face, rinse

At Olay, we're serious about our commitments. Our Olay Skin Promise to you is zero skin retouching in all advertising. Olay is the first mass skin care brand in the U.S. to take this stance because we know real beauty is honestly beautiful. We also guarantee you'll love your Olay product. If you are not satisfied, we'll give you your money back via a prepaid card. Must submit within 60 days of purchase. Call toll-free 1-855-845-9797 or visit

  • CLEANSING REINVENTED: A water activated pad that transforms into a rejuvenating micro-bubble lather within seconds.
  • SIMPLY POWERFUL: Only eight ingredients in this formula.
  • WHAT YOU WANT: 3-in-1 Benefits: Cleanses, tones, and refreshes skin—all in one gentle face wash
  • LUXURIOUS: Rivals a Spa-like clean with a rich, soothing lather
  • SUPER CONVENIENT: Dry, lightweight resealable pack for storage on your counter for easy access
  • SUSTAINABLE: 100% Recyclable Box and Tray*