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Turn Down the Shine: A Guide to Shiny Skin

You want your hair and nails to be shiny, but your skin? Not so much. If you find that your forehead is shiny by lunchtime, you can blame your overactive sebaceous glands. They produce the sebum or oil that makes your skin look shiny and greasy.

You have probably noticed that the shine is worse across your T-zone (made up of your forehead, nose and chin). That is because your sebaceous glands are more concentrated in this area. The shine may also be worse in the summer months when you perspire more and sweat and oil are more likely to pool on your skin. Although we all struggle with shine from time to time, it is definitely a more common problem for those in their teens and 20s and for those of Hispanic, Asian or African-American descent.

How to Minimize Shine
The good news is there are several things you can do to minimize shine and keep your skin mattified. The really good news is that women with shiny skin tend to age more slowly. So while it may bother you now, you will be grateful for it in the future. Here is how to keep the shine in check:

  • Cleanse. Cleanse twice a day — morning and evening. Choose a cleanser that contains kaolin, a mud that minimizes shine, or the deep cleansing power of a mask. Resist the temptation to wash every time you see shine. Over-washing can backfire and trigger pores to produce even more oil.
  • Tone. For extra shine insurance, follow with a sweep of toner that contains witch hazel. This helps remove excess oil along with dirt and makeup without stripping your skin of essential moisture.
  • Protect. Don’t be afraid of moisturizer. It helps replace moisture lost during cleansing. Apply an oil-free, water-based moisturizer with a broad spectrum SPF in the morning to keep skin hydrated and protected from the sun.
  • Moisturize. Moisturizer is equally important in the evening. Choose a non-comedogenic formula to help keep pores clear and your skin looking healthy and hydrated. Or try a gel moisturizer that contains powder for hydration with a matte finish.

While your shiny skin may seem like a problem now, it is easy to control once you have products with the right ingredients in your skincare regimen.

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