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Pores Are the New Wrinkles

Pores seem to be what everyone is talking about lately from their size to their shape to how to make them less noticeable. We all have millions of pores but they only become an issue when they start to become noticeable to the naked eye, like the dots on an orange peel or the seeds in a strawberry. Research shows that texture and pore appearance starts to worsen in a womans 20s, before peaking in her 40s or 50s. Luckily, there are several things you can do to reduce the appearance of pores.

Pore Thing: What Exactly Are Pores, Anyway?

Pores are the opening to your hair follicles and contain sebaceous glands that produce oil. They are essential to keeping your skin healthy and hydrated. Pore size can vary depending on your age and genes.

On the Grow: What Makes Pores Bigger?

Pores get clogged due to build-up of dead skin cells. Excess sebum (oil), which is sticky and can trap the dead skin cells inside the pore, make the problem worse. When pores are chronically congested, they will eventually stretch out and get larger.

Another factor in pore enlargement is damage from the suns UV rays. Combined with free radicals, UV rays weaken collagen and elastin, the two supporting structures of our skin. This leads to drooping or sagging skin, resulting in larger looking pores. Daily sunblock is a must and it is especially important when it comes to pores.

Start to Notice Pores No More!

The sad truth is that enlarged pores can never return to their original size, but here are a few ways to make pores less noticeable.

● Tighten up: Use a cleansing scrub with salicylic acid to help exfoliate the skin and unblock the surface of pores. Look for one that is gentle enough to use every day and that contains a hydrating ingredient such as glycerin.

● Shun the Sun: Always apply a daily facial moisturizer with at least SPF 15. Look for one that is non-comedogenic, meaning it wont clog pores, and contains Niacinimide, which helps to keep the surface of skin exfoliated so your pores are as clean as possible.

● Get the Glow: A CC cream helps diffuse and reflect light as it hits your skin, making your complexion look beautifully smooth.

Improve the appearance of your pores with these expert, skin-saving must-haves. And before you know itVoilà pores no more!

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