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The Olay Philosophy

Life happens.

As our largest organ, our skin bears testament to all the living we do--where we live, how we live, where we've been, where we cut corners, and where we take care of ourselves.

In fact, our genes account for only 30% of our skin's condition, while a full 70% of our skin's condition reflects the choices we make and the lives we lead. It struck us as strange that our competitors were focusing on the 30% and not the whole picture.

That's why we do things differently at Olay. We focus not just on the skin you were born with, but on the skin you live with. We start with the life issues that change the quality and underlying gene expression of your skin--sleep, diet, temperature, weather, stress, pollution, UV, vacation, and your skin's ability to respond to changes in the environment. And then we design our products to meet your skin's needs, putting back in what life can take out. Because you live in vivo, not in vitro.

So, don't stop living. Dive in. Make the most of the opportunities in front of you. You can be your best beautiful. Because Olay has you covered.

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